Thursday, March 1, 2007

I went to WF,

but there was no time for Misuzu to be on the stage ;_;

photo by Miyabi, not relevant to this WF

Though there was awfully insufficient time, I enjoyed WF much, to see figures, dolls and cosplayers.
Among all, I think this figure has the best quality. I'd like to show my photo,

Amamiya Manabi, from School-Eutopia, Manabi Straight!

This figure is going to be manufactured in a industrial scale. What a country! What an otaku culture! ^^;

For who would like to feel the atmosphere of WF, I'll recommend some website:
alternative live for kigurumis at WF


Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there. You look great.

Mechataku said...

Sorry to hear you had no time for misuzu.

Before today, I've only had glimpses at what kind of stuff was at WF. but I'm impressed by what i saw (WHOA. how tall was it?) also, the detail on some of the models impressed me.

Also, i noticed a lot of the kigurumi masks that i've seen on sites that had updated with pictures from WF were new to me. i really like the mask of C.C. from Code Geass, and the boeing 777 girl really impressed me. im a big fan of mecha musume (particularly gundam girls…gundam girls ARE mecha musume right? Just making sure) this mask made me chuckle a little.

i look forward to going to WF in a few years (i know i won't be able to go any sooner than that...)

Silphy & Misuzu said...

I hope you would come someday. It would be worth visiting (along with some Japanese shrines or temples)

I'm grad you could enjoy viewing reviews on WF. As for Evangelion(tall figure), it has 2-meter(80 inch)high, and sold at $80000 in Akihabara. (You can see shown today!)

Mecha musume is officially limited to them(, but literally, you can say gundam girls would be one of mecha-musume.

Here are gallaries of kigurumi:
C.C. by Yama,
B777 by Gyocci(777 is not on the web yet),

Mechataku said...

wow, 80 inches tall? and $80,000? if i had the money for it, i'd buy it without a second thought. and then place it in front of my door, so anyone who came to my house would be greeted by the site of a giant evangelion. *wakes up from random daydreaming* still impressive.

i would love to one day make an outfit of a gundam girl for someone who does kigurumi to wear(such as crossbone gundam)

P.S. i noticed that you have a MSN messenger name...would it be ok if i added your name to my list?

Silphy & Misuzu said...

I'm sorry and you'll be happy, that the price of Evangelion was wrong, not $80,000 but $8,000. Can you set up one right now?

Refering to mecha-musume, I'd like to talk about Machine-Kigurumi. Though this isn't girl, it may be interesting to you:

I welcome to be added in messenger. I don't login often, but please send message when online.

mechataku said...

$8,000 sounds a lot nicer. but, in retrospect, having a giant version of a gundam or a macross veritech would be much nicer. im a bigger fan of the more robotic looking mecha, rather than the organic looking ones.

*gets excited over the link* i've been looking for the owner of that suit since i saw it in a picture on HJK! thanks!

Batterie said...

That figure! Kyaaaaa! So wonderful! I need it!
Gakuen Utopia is such a good show! Is there a manga yet?

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