Saturday, November 17, 2007

Photo Reports of GURU-CON!

Photo by Saya-mikan

I collected several photo-reports of GURU-CON. Here're the links...

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gerog v2 GURU-CON Vol.1 Pictures Flickr
Karin's Blog Well done, GURU-CON My friend's...
Kinokuni Blog I went GURU-CON and wore it
Mame-san and myself and daily life GURU-CON
Kamio GURU-CON 1st

Can you feel the atmosphere?

There were a self-introduction by each kigurumi, discussion about kigurumi, Puri-kura(mini-photo booth) service, kigurumi mask & zentai shop, and Princess Hug(Ohimesama-dakko, what to say in English?) competition.

I'm looking forward to more events planned at the next GURU-CON.