Monday, April 30, 2007

Photo by Nimble

Today I'd like to report Today's Akihabara.
The photo is here on the web.

As you may know, there're some cosplayers including maid, anime characters and so on, on every weekend... no, everyday.Especially in the weekend, entrance by cars to the main street is prohibited and 100 feet wide road become open for pedestrian. Thus, dozens of maid-san fill the 1500 feet long road and so the cameraman want to take a shot, police officeres trying to break up large crowds ^^;

Also today, maid with "no underware" walked gracefully with her hands down. It is also usual that many cameraman surrounded her and took many photo...

Only the difference was that, the maid was a cute dog .

* "With no underware" or "Pants-haitenai" is one of an attribute(Zokusei) and a point of moe. CO2A(Komatsu Age) is one of the famous illustrator of this category. His paint is my favorite (^^)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Memory of Amarican Animes

Photo by Hayarina

From April, new episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was started. It is the first time on air in Japan since 1993, thus I enjoyed this anime with old memories.

I think the first anime would have produced in US, and animes from US, especially in '50s or '60s, were on air in Japan. I can recall,

Looney Tunes(Bugs Bunny and Road runner)
Tom and Jerry
And also, my friend suggested Peanuts(Snoopy) (I don't remember this anime well, though I really like manga of Peanuts)

Since '80s, there have been few animes from US, probably as much as 1 anime a year. However, there animes constitute a substantially large part of my anime history.

I hope this time's Ninja Turtles is remembered long time as well, and some new interesting animes are imported from all over the world.

Link to Kigurumi websites added

Photo by ZoE

Some links to Kigurumi websites are added. Although you already know some of them (all of them? ^^;)

I divided websites into "English available" and "Japanese." You would have little difficulty to find Kigurumi photo gallery at websites in former category, so why don't you visit?

Link to this blog is welcomed, I'll be glad if you told me about that. Moreover, though I added every website with Kigurumi gallery I found, it's impossible to find ALL. If you kindly introduce me about other site, I can add it.

In addition, I'll be happy to advice how to write on your website English-user-friendly or Japanese-user-friendly.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Cosplay Festival at Palpal

Photo by Koma

I went to Cosplay Festival at Lake Hamanako, called "Cosplay Frontier at Hamanako Palpal." (It would be correct to say Cosplay Festival, rather than Convention, as there are no meeting or talk show other than cosplay contest.)

As the location is between Tokyo and Nagoya, I could meet some kigurumis from Western Japan, who rarely come to Tokyo. And I enjoyed playing in the scenary of water, green, and some European styled street.

The themepark was filled with many cosplayers. If you don't do cosplay, it would be interesting to come. Why don't you? (I can give you some information about cosplay festival.)

PS) I will be glad if you could send me some photo of me...

Friday, April 6, 2007

Baseball, enemy to otaku, has begun!

Photo by Raise

Baseboll game IS NOT enemy. The enemy is BROADCASING of baseball on TV. Enemy to what? The answer is: ANIME.

Spring is the time for new anime to start. I'll check 25 or more animes, this is not the today's topic.

Why baseball on TV is enemy to anime? That's becasue baseball broadcastings usually don't end on time, and a lot of animes are on air midnight, after baseball.

If a baseball game doesn't finish in 3 hours, the TV program will extend 30 minutes or more. then, following program including anime will delay.

As anime is on air midnight, between 0:00AM to 4:00AM, we usually set a recorder to record it, say, set to record 1:00-1:30 program. However, because of the delay by baseball, the obtained video would be the program which should have been on air 0:30-1:00 if on time.

Thus the only I get is TV shopping program selling strange products^^;

All the anime otakus should pay attention to the baseball following 6 months...

PS. I really like baseball itself, thus it is ambivalent.
PS2. I think half of animes is on the midnight, 35 percent on the evening, 15 percent on the morning, in today's Japan.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

My Hotmail Address was Wrong

My hotmail account (MSN messenger account) was not correct. Correct one is (under bar, not hyphen) I'm sorry for who registered me and have had no response. I'm grad if you could contact me again.


Here's pucture of my apology:

If there were a photographer, I could upload "Dogeza" ^^; (Dogeza: Japanese traditional formal style of apology)