Saturday, April 19, 2008

Support for Otaku Travelers to Japan

I suppose the readers of this blog is otaku or kigurumi-lover.

Why don't you come to Japan? Traditional buildings including world-oldest wooden temple, exotic festival, very urban streets, and the hottest anime/manga culture!

However, it would be difficult to find human-sized figure, latest amine or lolita costume, even hentai dojin with an English guidebook of Japan.

Furthermore, I think there're no information in English, as to when you can see kigurumi. Kigurumi aren't walking at the street of Shibuya any time!

If you have an interest, I'd like to support your planning in Japan. Don't hesitate to mail me! (address is shown in the right row)
Photo by Tonta

Toshimaen with a English Lady!

Photo by Tsukino-Tsubasa


I went to Toshimaen Cosplay Festa last Sunday!

We had a little rain, but many(around 10?) kigurumis are playing there. I also had a chance to take a picture with Mask Rider ^^

I enjoyed so much with a foreign guest. I'd like to show my gratitude for who supported us.