Saturday, June 23, 2007

Anime Music Video in Japan

Photo by Risa-Nyanko

Who is interested in "alicia florence with her hair down?" Someone googled this site with this keyword. I'd say, me too (^^;

I'd like talk about anime music video today. Mechataku told me anime music videos are very popular in US and Europe and almost every anime con has that sort of contest. Though I knew there are some show of anime music video by watching the website of anime con in US, I didn't know they are so popular.

In Japan, I think there're nothing like anime music video contest in common anime conventions. However, still they're very popular in Japan. Their stage is not anime conventions, but internet (usually on Youtube or Smilevideo). They are usually called as MAD movie.

I think the reason might be the troublesome process of getting approve of copyright. It is strange that in the case of dojin-book we don't care much about copyright... One of the reason might be the copyright organization of music (JASRAC) is quite powerful. (They "must" come to the organizer of anime con and say, "pay or being suited.")

JASRAC tries to remove unlicenced anime music video from internet too, but the pressure is not so strong at present.

Another reason would be that Japanese anime con is quite different from ones in US or Europe. For example, Comic Market has dojin market and cosplay, but nothing like contest or discussion. (I'd say Comic Market is not an anime convention, just a market) Show of anime music video has no space to join...

I think it is interesting to see anime music video or MAD movie in a large hall. It would be possible to get approved by JASRAC, then the problem is who would host and how to gather videos. Togethermore, I wonder how is the legal situation of anime music video abroad.

Appendix: In Japan, the most popular movie posting site is moving from Youtube to NicoNicoDouga(Smilevideo). In Smilevideo, you can leave your comment on the movie, and this is the source of popularity. It's difficult to explain the fun, but you can try it! (Though it is needed to register in Japanese language, and almost all comment is Japanese language)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Aricia, Snow White

Here comes Ms. Alicia Florence from ARIA!

She is my favorite character from my favorite manga. It's AD2301 in "Neo-Venice" on Mars, She is standing out as one of the best gondola-driver.
In my point of view, this manga is based on the concept of "slow-life" and classified as a healing manga. The atmosphere of this manga makes me forget the hardness of real life and message from a heroine Akari reminds me the beauty of life and nature.

Photo by Raise

Anyway, the most important thing is:
Misuzu would look like Alicia if she make her hair braided ^^;

And at first I thought I should try it: but honestly, it seems that Misuzu's pony tail is just attached. If her poiny tail is untied, her hair would fallen off (;_:)

Though my ambition failed, I'd like to be with her at the event!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

How they love figures

Photo by Koma

I like figures, but since space to place figures in my room is limited, I stringly stops me from buying new one; roughly one figure in 3 months.

However, there is a limit; I must sell my figures sometimes.

The problem is that, often I have affection to the figure when I sell it. It's very hard to sell such a figure...

Thus, I asked on my website how to cope with this feelings. An answer came:

"Figures are my wives! I can't think of selling it!"

He is a true lover of figures! I can't say I am the fan of figures...

It affects how to treat figures, whether you see a figure as "sculpture" or "family," as the answerer mentioned.

The same applies to kigurumi: I once joked that "why don't you sell your mask and buy a new one?" However, I think I can't sell it...