Friday, March 30, 2007

Sakura strikes

Photo by Miyabi

Here comes the season of sakura (cherry blossoms). When first sakura blooming comes is national interest, and many agencies predict when. This year national agency made error in forecasting program, thus widely criticised. First sakura blooming was reported on first page of every national newspaper. Sakura is the symbol of spring, and without sakura, I could say it is not spring, in Japan.

This is local Hanami(sakura viewing) spot in Bunkyo, Tokyo. Freshman in many companies are keeping their place for hanami, without working... no, this IS their work. When it gets darker, many people would come and start party(alcohol is almost necessary), watching surrounding sakura. Here many food stand come, and it's like real festival!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sacred Kizakiko

Photo by Nimble, with Shie

I went to Kizakiko last Sunday, and this photo is taken then.

Kizakiko is famous as the stage of anime, Onegai(Please!) series. Impressed by beautiful background pictures used in this anime, many otakus are keep going there (and some otakus are going there even periodically, as much as once in a month! Kizakiko is not near Tokyo: it takes about 4 hours from Tokyo!)

They call this type of visiting the stage of animes, a pilgrimage(Junrei) and the stage is called as sacred place(Seichi). Though in Please! case it is clearly shown that the stage is Kizakiko, usually it is not mentioned. Then, when new animations are broadcasted (or new Moe-games are on sale), some people try to reveal where the stage is. (Some background picture is based on photography, and this is how sacred place is generated.)

You can see sacred place of Haruhi, Kanon, Higurashi, and many animes on the internet.

We Japanese tend to call some special place as "sacred place" easily. For Otaku, Tokyo Big-Sight is also considered as sacred place as Comiket is held there.

But anyway, if it were not sacred place, Kizakiko was calm, blue, surrounded by mountains, beautiful place. You would like it if you don't know Onegai series.

PS Lake "Kizakiko" is the correct name, not "kisakiko." (already corrected) Thanks to Nimble for suggestion.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kigurumi or Kigurumi?

Photo by miyabi, with Suimu

I had a hungover yesterday (TT)
First Sakura blooming in this year is reported. I'd like to take some photo and upload ^^

Today's topic is "Kigurumi" other than mine. The word kigurumi means in three different way. Who comes to this blog would think of anime-charactered kigurumi, but the most common meaning is the clothes looks like animals, covers from the head to the foot.

This type of kigurumi is so widely known that we can buy them in a large discount store like "Don-Quixote." Some years ago, it had became a trend for teenagers to walk in Shibuya in kigurumi ^^;

The other type of Kigurumi is machine-kigurumi, literally. Usually it is mobile-suit of Gundam. community is smaller than Anime-type kigurumi, so I can see them only at large convention like WF.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Where they do cosplay

I couldn't wear this dress neatly at this time, I feel I have to try again ^^;

Today, I'd like to talk about cosplay events. There are two or more cosplay events in Tokyo every weekend. Some in a large hall, some in a green park or amusement park, some has dance party, some has dojin market, etcetc...

For kigurumis, there're some event, where many kigurumis would come together. Around Tokyo, Toshimaen and Yomiuri-Land are especially famous. (each are held about once in a month)

In addition, in Nagoya and Osaka, there are some events (Tokyo to Nagoya: 200mi, Tokyo to Osaka: 350mi) The point is, some events in these areas are suitable for cosplay and photo-taking (such as European styled, full of flower, or so on) so that it's worth visiting from Tokyo.

However, if there're 75mi-limited toll-free highway, we can join more easily from Tokyo, but it costs somewhat $60 to drive 200mi in one-way via highway. (Also you can choose to run 200mi in 6-7 hours in normal road ^^;) Thus I wonder which event I will join next watching my purse ^^

Monday, March 5, 2007

Camera or Technic?

Photo by Pad, costume from Nanoka Franka, Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea

It's 10th post!
Personally congratulating this post, I upload this photo.

At first I saw this photo, I surprised how vivid she is! Her existence is as impressive as real, she almost happens to jump from the display...

I know the photographer is much skilled and has valuable and powerful camera. I think both of the quality produced photo, and it's probably true.

I myself take some photo, so this photo made me realized improving technic would widen the world of photography, and I hope so.

... without saying, I fell happy if you could give me some photo of her, whichever the camera would be, because the photo would reflect the mind of photographer and looking into it is my pleasure!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

I went to WF,

but there was no time for Misuzu to be on the stage ;_;

photo by Miyabi, not relevant to this WF

Though there was awfully insufficient time, I enjoyed WF much, to see figures, dolls and cosplayers.
Among all, I think this figure has the best quality. I'd like to show my photo,

Amamiya Manabi, from School-Eutopia, Manabi Straight!

This figure is going to be manufactured in a industrial scale. What a country! What an otaku culture! ^^;

For who would like to feel the atmosphere of WF, I'll recommend some website:
alternative live for kigurumis at WF