Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sacred Kizakiko

Photo by Nimble, with Shie

I went to Kizakiko last Sunday, and this photo is taken then.

Kizakiko is famous as the stage of anime, Onegai(Please!) series. Impressed by beautiful background pictures used in this anime, many otakus are keep going there (and some otakus are going there even periodically, as much as once in a month! Kizakiko is not near Tokyo: it takes about 4 hours from Tokyo!)

They call this type of visiting the stage of animes, a pilgrimage(Junrei) and the stage is called as sacred place(Seichi). Though in Please! case it is clearly shown that the stage is Kizakiko, usually it is not mentioned. Then, when new animations are broadcasted (or new Moe-games are on sale), some people try to reveal where the stage is. (Some background picture is based on photography, and this is how sacred place is generated.)

You can see sacred place of Haruhi, Kanon, Higurashi, and many animes on the internet.

We Japanese tend to call some special place as "sacred place" easily. For Otaku, Tokyo Big-Sight is also considered as sacred place as Comiket is held there.

But anyway, if it were not sacred place, Kizakiko was calm, blue, surrounded by mountains, beautiful place. You would like it if you don't know Onegai series.

PS Lake "Kizakiko" is the correct name, not "kisakiko." (already corrected) Thanks to Nimble for suggestion.


mechataku said...

indeed, kisakiko looks to be a very beautiful place. i have never seen the onegai series (have been meaning to, but i've been meaning to watch a LOT of anime ^_^;;). kisakiko looks like it would be quite the tourist attraction, even for people who don't know of its relation to anime. i know im now very interested in visiting. hopefully i'll be able to see kisakiko myself within the next few years ^_^.

mechataku said...

i was wondering if you could help my ID a couple of masks i've seen start to pop up. i think they both look very great, and am curious to know if their owners have sites up yet

Silphy & Misuzu said...

I forgot to mention that kisakiko means lake Kisaki. Did you found out?

I was totally impressed by wild scenary in US (like grand canyon), Japan has another sort of scenary, or "neat" environment. There's also stages of other animes, like Asakusa, Kyoto, and so on, and you would be able to enjoy. I hope you will visit us!

I know second one, she is by Iruka-Factory(one of the large kigurumi factory in japan), and she would be of their posession.

As for first one, I'm afreid I don't know...

As English learner, I'll be happy if you teach me what "ID" means. ^^

mechataku said...

ah, sorry. "ID", by dictionary definiton, means to identify.

Silphy & Misuzu said...

I see, thank you. I and many Japanese would think of just certificate of identity or something for ID, not as verb ^^;

mechataku said...

hmm....since it's almost april, i've begun to wonder something: does japan celebrate or do anything on april 1st(april fool's day)?

Silphy & Misuzu said...

Well, there's nothing special for April 1st. Maybe they will go hanami(sakura watching), because sakura blooms only for 1 week or so around late March to early April.

Almost all Japanese know what's April fool's day, and maybe make some fools. However, when national popular newspaper made a fool (such as: Here seats of Cabinet Member and Prime Minister are open for non-Japanese!), they are attacked by many criticism. April fool's day seems not to be accepted as a culture widely...
(On the other hand, it became almost a custom to publish foolish article on Web, including large website such as Yahoo.)