Saturday, March 10, 2007

Where they do cosplay

I couldn't wear this dress neatly at this time, I feel I have to try again ^^;

Today, I'd like to talk about cosplay events. There are two or more cosplay events in Tokyo every weekend. Some in a large hall, some in a green park or amusement park, some has dance party, some has dojin market, etcetc...

For kigurumis, there're some event, where many kigurumis would come together. Around Tokyo, Toshimaen and Yomiuri-Land are especially famous. (each are held about once in a month)

In addition, in Nagoya and Osaka, there are some events (Tokyo to Nagoya: 200mi, Tokyo to Osaka: 350mi) The point is, some events in these areas are suitable for cosplay and photo-taking (such as European styled, full of flower, or so on) so that it's worth visiting from Tokyo.

However, if there're 75mi-limited toll-free highway, we can join more easily from Tokyo, but it costs somewhat $60 to drive 200mi in one-way via highway. (Also you can choose to run 200mi in 6-7 hours in normal road ^^;) Thus I wonder which event I will join next watching my purse ^^


mechataku said...

wow, cosplay events that often. must be nice. in my area of the US, im lucky to even get a convention once a year. in fact, last weekend i went to one that was called Naka-kon. and now im going to have to wait until august and then have to probably drive 5 or more hours to get to the next closest convention to my area. i'm also going to have to save every penny i make in preperation for the convention. it becomes hard to love anime conventions, but live in an area that doesn't have any....but then again, it makes the conventions that much more exciting, since everyone there usually won't be able to go to any other conventions either. the level of fun is way higher.

LSK said...

Why can't you take public transportation? Does Japan have a suitable network of trains?

Silphy & Misuzu said...


I see, US is very big. However also in Japan, same can be said: Though there're many convensions and dojin markets in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, Only a few events exist in suburb area(such as Hokkaido). Thus for those live there, comiket could be an only and greatest event.
But I know how big US is and that couldn't be comparable to Japan. I suspect private jet might be needed for active anime fans in US ^^;

Yes, we have Shinkansen super express, and can move 200 miles in 90 minutes, with accurate time. Thus we can make one-day trip from Tokyo to Kyoto to see old beautiful temples. The only problem is expensive fare: it takes about $250 from Tokyo to Kyoto or Osaka(round trip, total 700mi). I can buy some two dresses with that fare...

Eri Umegae said...


I was wondering if you knew any cosplay conventions in march?
between 10-19 march 2009?
I will be in japan visiting my family there in kyoto. But I would love to see some japanese cosplay.
I hope I get to go to a convention or something
I have read that 20 march there is a big cosplay meeting in osaka, but I leave the 20th at 10.30 so I probably wont have the time to see it.

hope to hear from you!