Monday, July 23, 2007

When they cry

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I discussed how long it takes to play games.

The problem is:Whether I should watch anime of Higurashi-no-naku-koroni or play game of that! (lol

There is a game Higurashi-no-naku-koroni. This game is started as dojin at first. Though, along with high reputation, this game is translated into PS2 game, and finally, into anime.

I enjoyed the first half of this game, no, I am scared by this game. Higurashi is story of mistery, about succeeding murder, and very horrifying. It's very hard to play latter half! But I want to know the truth!

Then, TV series is started. In this series, latter half of this story is played in 24 times(12 hours). However, I dare say, the quality of this anime doesn't seem better than PC game. Atmosphere of Hinamizawa(stage of this game), and emotion of people seem to be well expressed, thus very scary.

But I must bear horror about 6-8 hours in PC game. I'm wondering which I should take...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

They're minesweepers

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Last diary just ended up with classification of Ero-Ge(lol

You know, playing this type of game takes a lot of time... Generally it takes about 20 hours to play one game. Some games like "Fate/Stay Night" or "AIR" needs about 40 hours, and it would not be problematic if the game is interesting.

The misery is when the game is way too short and nothing interesting. Unfotunatery, there're many many that type of game... they are called "mine" because you can't tell until you buy it.Actually, there're many sites evaluating Ero-Ge, thus if you wait to buy games until the rumor comes, you can avoid to get "mine" games. However, some game lovers are so frantic about collecting newly marketed games, that they get handful of mines. They are like mine-sweepers (^^;

Rumor of games on the internet critically affects the sales of games. For example, games like "Tsukihime", everyone knows today, is not at all famous at first. Today's market of Ero-ge owes much to those mine-sweepers!

External Link: Erogamescape, a famous game evaluating site

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hentai is not all about the Moe game!

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I'm busy!

... in playing adventure games.

... I, I've also been busy for other than games! (tundere)

I mean adventure games(ADV) not as true adventure, but as something like bisyojo game, of course (^^;

There's many way to express "bisyoujo game" or "cute girls game". In fact, I didn't played bisyojo game, not hentai game, but ADV, and it's gal games.

In short,
Gal games(Gal-Ge): Games with some(many) moe girls. In some cases, it doesn't include Ero games.
Ero games(Ero-ge): Games with Hentai scenes. The most common word to mean games with Moe.
Bisyojo games: Usually means Ero games. Often used in magazines, not orally.
Adventure games(ADV): Games mainly focusing on reading text, originally. However, usually it means Gal games. it doesn't include role playing games or action games.
Hentai games: This word isn't used in Japan.

I meaned, I played a game with moe girls, without hentai scenes.
How can I say about this type of game in English?

Oh, I must add BL(Boys Love) games as another category...