Monday, July 23, 2007

When they cry

Photo by Tohtetsu

I discussed how long it takes to play games.

The problem is:Whether I should watch anime of Higurashi-no-naku-koroni or play game of that! (lol

There is a game Higurashi-no-naku-koroni. This game is started as dojin at first. Though, along with high reputation, this game is translated into PS2 game, and finally, into anime.

I enjoyed the first half of this game, no, I am scared by this game. Higurashi is story of mistery, about succeeding murder, and very horrifying. It's very hard to play latter half! But I want to know the truth!

Then, TV series is started. In this series, latter half of this story is played in 24 times(12 hours). However, I dare say, the quality of this anime doesn't seem better than PC game. Atmosphere of Hinamizawa(stage of this game), and emotion of people seem to be well expressed, thus very scary.

But I must bear horror about 6-8 hours in PC game. I'm wondering which I should take...


mechataku said...

the length of some games can be pretty problematic. i have a short attention span, so i can only play a game for a month or so, which for me is not enough time to beat any. i own final fantasy 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-2, and 12, and i have only beaten 10-2 and 12. Higurashi-no-naku-koroni looks to be a very interesting game, but im sure i'd never be able to finish it, and not just because it sounds long. when it comes to horror (for video games or even shows), i general can't handle it very well. the only horror games i've played are resident evil 4 and silent hill 3 (i have a goal to finish silent hill 3, but.....almost every time i enter a room something scares me!^^;....but even so, i find it hard to just put the game away....)

hmmm...higurashi-no-naku-koroni....are the masks on
from that?

Silphy & Misuzu said...

I could play the simple zombie action game like DOOM, I don't like horror story... Unfotunately, it's very popular in Japan to play horror story to "cooooool down!"

Yes, they are Ryugu Rena(Brown Hair) and Sonozaki Mion(Green Hair) from Higurashi. : Another pucture
If you have a interest, you can download the 1st chapter of Higurashi for free. I could read it in 4-5 hours but it's written in Japanese, without saying.