Saturday, November 17, 2007

Photo Reports of GURU-CON!

Photo by Saya-mikan

I collected several photo-reports of GURU-CON. Here're the links...

Nari-log. I went to GURU-CON Vol.1!
Taking a picture record of show Kigurumi Event
Yossii's blog annex Yesterday's GURU-CON 1 2 3 4
gerog v2 GURU-CON Vol.1 Pictures Flickr
Karin's Blog Well done, GURU-CON My friend's...
Kinokuni Blog I went GURU-CON and wore it
Mame-san and myself and daily life GURU-CON
Kamio GURU-CON 1st

Can you feel the atmosphere?

There were a self-introduction by each kigurumi, discussion about kigurumi, Puri-kura(mini-photo booth) service, kigurumi mask & zentai shop, and Princess Hug(Ohimesama-dakko, what to say in English?) competition.

I'm looking forward to more events planned at the next GURU-CON.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Through Otaku Eyes: Article from World-Largest-Newspaper

photo by geroine

Yomiuri Shimbun(Newspaper) is approved by Guiness Book to have the world-highest newspaper circulation(about 10,000,000 copies daily).

In addition, this newspaper is gathering wide attention by Japanese otaku, as this paper published an article introducing otaku culture.

The important point is that, these article is not like ordinary article written by non-otaku, such as "moe is sweeping in Japan!" I'd like to list some of the titles:

Imouto(younger sister) Moe
Legend of Futari-wa-Pretty-Cure
Our Dojinshi was sold out in Comic Market!

What deep themes they are dealing with! Please think as if, in New York Times, it is discussed how Nagisa and Honoka is moe :-) No other newspapers have this sort of articles about latest otaku culture.

These articles are written by two full-time journalist who are otaku themselves: Fukuda Makoto and Ishida Kanta.

It is disappointing this regular series was finished, however, they are still active in writing otaku-related articles and introducing midnight moe anime.

And now, they started to write otaku articles on The Daily Yomiuri(English paper published by Yomiuri Shimbun).

Here are links to recent articles. Why don't you read them?
THROUGH OTAKU EYES / It’s no longer Japan’s secret: Cosplay is sweeping the globe(cache)
THROUGH OTAKU EYES / Romantic sighs of ’moe’ unheard by loves(cache)
THROUGH OTAKU EYES / ’Eva’ rebuilt, but not epoch-making(cache)

Friday, October 12, 2007

GURU-CON: concept

with Chiffon,
photo by Rokunon

I wanted to report the last Kigurumi-Only-Event "GURU-CON 1st," however, there have been few blogs reporting the convention and I have just few photos. Thus, today I'd like to show the concept of GURU-CON, translated by myself:

Introduction to GURU-CON: Concept

We aim at producing the space, which EVERY kigurumi-lovers and ONLY kigurumi-lovers could come. In the cosplay conventions in amusement park, we must pay much attention to surroinding circumstances, and should be supported by people without masks, as there are many people including who are not familiar with kigurumi, and children. On the other hand, we could hardly join in off-line meeting held privately, if we don't know well each other.

GURU-CON offers the chance to be absorbed in playing kigurumi, by arranging it OPEN everybody-can-join event in Tokyo(where people are easy to go). Our concept is to create "open but closed space."

GURU-CON has moderately large space, thus kigurumis won't need any support. It would make it easyer to join in, even for who play kigurumi in the first time in front of the audience . In addition, photographers can take photos and videos without regulations. Furthermore, people would play with kigurumis without annoyed by other people's sights (since everyone in the hall is kigurumi-lovers!)

We hope to provide,For kigurumis, the DELIGHT to gather attention.For photographers, the ENJOYMENT to be absorbed in.For other people, the HAPPINESS surround by kigurumis.

Written by GURU-CON executive committee
Translated by TOMOE-project/SeraphicSteps/Silphy

By the way, I went to listen to a handbell concert held at a Christian university(Rikkyo Univ, St. Paul's) today. What a confortable sound it was! In the same way some people outside Japan are attracted to Japanese traditional music, I think...

I like Japanese traditional music, but when I hear the sound of Ohayashi(Music of Festival), I would think "Oh, the season of Omatsuri(Festival) comes! Excited!" than "What a good music!"

In the radio English program, the foreign lecturer said he likes Noh(Briefly, Japanese musical), but for me it's far difficult to understand... Foreign people would see our tradition in other way than ours, I think. (On the other hand, I like the Japanese puppet show, Bunraku.)

PS. Natsuki-san updated the link page, and this post has the aim to test the new system :P)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Nice Boat.

Did you watch the final episode of the anime School Days?

... What a nice boat wasn't it! (lol

(For people who don't know: The air of School Days, which included the expression of juvenile murder, was stopped, after the REAL juvenile murder. The image of boat was displayed on TV alternatively.)

Just a day later, influenced by English speaker's comment "Nice Boat.", this word came to be quite popular in otaku community in Japan. What a tight relations beyond language!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Autumn of Arts

Photo by Saya-Mikan

In Japan, it is said that autumn is the season for cuisine, reading books, and arts. I went to a arts exhibition yesterday and am going to go to listen to a orchestra from now on, I'd like to talk about these.

Yesterday, I went to arts exhibision by Kazuo Oga. Kazuo Oga was a member of studio Ghibli(now he is working as a indivisual illustrator) and he is a specialist of drawing background pictures. He engaged in Tonari-no-Totoro(My Neighbor Totoro) and Mononoke-hime(Princess Mononoke) as an arts director, and also in Majo-no-Takkyuubin(Kiki's Delivery Service), Sen-to-Chihiro-no-Kamikakushi(Sprited Away), Hauru-no-Ugoku-Shiro(Howl's Moving Castle), and many other animes by Ghibli as background picture staff.

This exhibition is to show these background pictures drawn by Oga, thus it was like a exhibition of Ghibli arts.

Each pictures were drawn finely and in detail, I thought it would be too good to be used as merely a background of anime... (it seems pictures of today's anime is far less better in quality than even 80's Ghibli!) Together, it would be impossible to reproduce these fine images on TV... New Generation DVD must be needed!

In this exhibition, popularity of Ghibli is well proven. It took 170min to just enter the exhibition at 11AM! When I stood in a line at 5PM, it still took 130min to reach the entrance!
However long I stayed in line, it was worth visiting.

Today, I'm going to go to a concert performed by Autumn Leaf Orchestra. They are orchestra specialized in music in Hentai Games. Today's program includes music from AIR, CLANNAD, Tsuyokiss, Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru, and other games.

As I know, there's half dozens of orchestra specialized in playing game music and also some "normal" orchestra play game music. However, usually their program is from Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy. Very limited groups play music from Hentai games. (As for band consist of Vo, G, B, Dr, It seeems many are playing Hentai game music, but there're few orchestra)

There're many good musics in Hentai games. Such as from Key, NekoNeko Soft,,, I hope these musics get popularity among the people.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kigurumi Only Event GURU-CON!

Photo by Yuuki

There're many anime conventions worldwide today. But I suspect a large number of these conventions treat anime generally... I mean, many anime are the subject of conventions.
Here in Japan, Many conventions (in many cases, it is correct to say dojin market) treating specific one anime are held and they are called as "Only-Event"

For example, today Sep 16, 30(!) dojin markets are held in Japan, and 22 of them are "only event". Namely, mimi(girls with animal ears) only, HUNTERxHUNTER only, Hayate-no-Gotoku only, Gintama Sakata x Hijikata only, Characters of Prince of Tennis with Glasses only, so on and on.

Though each dojin-market is small (joined by 40-500 circles) compared to larger one such as Comic Market(50,000 circles), These are held every weekend and nearly all genres are covered. It's not going too far to say that the world of dojin-shi are based on these only events.

It is that only event. 1st Kigurumi only event "GURU-CON" was announced to be held on October 7th 2007. I suppose this is the only "only event" in kigurumi world. This event will include phototaking, broadcasting via internet, and market related to kigurumi.

In the 0th GURU-CON trial last year, about 30 kigurumi joined. The number of kigurumi is comparable to WF, thus could be considered as one of the largest festival of kigurumi.
I don't know well what plan is prepared in this GURU-CON, but something interesting must come, I'm looking forward to join and enjoy it. Please wait carefully for the report.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Our Summer(C72) has gone...

Photo by Saya-mikan

I enjoyed this summer, along with Comic-Market.72th Comic-Market(C72) was held for 3 days. In 20 acres of hall, about 12,000 creaters open their booth to sell their dojin goods. As for some famous dojin circles, the number of books are so limited that many people wait outside from 5AM until the opening, 10AM.

If you go to Tokyo-Bigsight(hall of C72) just in time of opening, there would be long long waiting lane, and it is said you must wait about 1 hours just to enter the hall. That's why I went late afternoon. Although some booth had been closed, I enjoyed the atmosphere of C72. This is the summer for Otaku!

It was very hot in Tokyo that day, the temperature rise to 36C. Along with the heavy crowded people, some 100 people fell off by severe heat. They are brought to care unit by volunteers, and volunteer licenced doctors and nurses took care of them. Yes, C72 is maintained by 2000 volunteers and no paid workers(except for guards). I think this is the wonder of Comiket.

Until tomorrow, the lance of longinus, created inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion, are shown at Ebisu, Tokyo. I'd like to see it!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Niigata, Summer

photo by Sayamikan

I went to Niigata last Sunday.

That famous place, where earthquake hit the atomic power plant and radioactivities were leaked...

Surely there were no harm to human, and many cosplayers came to the cosplay convention named "Gata-ket".

I'll enjoy Japanese short summer vacations. See you!

Monday, July 23, 2007

When they cry

Photo by Tohtetsu

I discussed how long it takes to play games.

The problem is:Whether I should watch anime of Higurashi-no-naku-koroni or play game of that! (lol

There is a game Higurashi-no-naku-koroni. This game is started as dojin at first. Though, along with high reputation, this game is translated into PS2 game, and finally, into anime.

I enjoyed the first half of this game, no, I am scared by this game. Higurashi is story of mistery, about succeeding murder, and very horrifying. It's very hard to play latter half! But I want to know the truth!

Then, TV series is started. In this series, latter half of this story is played in 24 times(12 hours). However, I dare say, the quality of this anime doesn't seem better than PC game. Atmosphere of Hinamizawa(stage of this game), and emotion of people seem to be well expressed, thus very scary.

But I must bear horror about 6-8 hours in PC game. I'm wondering which I should take...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

They're minesweepers

Photo by Miyabi
Last diary just ended up with classification of Ero-Ge(lol

You know, playing this type of game takes a lot of time... Generally it takes about 20 hours to play one game. Some games like "Fate/Stay Night" or "AIR" needs about 40 hours, and it would not be problematic if the game is interesting.

The misery is when the game is way too short and nothing interesting. Unfotunatery, there're many many that type of game... they are called "mine" because you can't tell until you buy it.Actually, there're many sites evaluating Ero-Ge, thus if you wait to buy games until the rumor comes, you can avoid to get "mine" games. However, some game lovers are so frantic about collecting newly marketed games, that they get handful of mines. They are like mine-sweepers (^^;

Rumor of games on the internet critically affects the sales of games. For example, games like "Tsukihime", everyone knows today, is not at all famous at first. Today's market of Ero-ge owes much to those mine-sweepers!

External Link: Erogamescape, a famous game evaluating site

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hentai is not all about the Moe game!

Photo by Rokunon

I'm busy!

... in playing adventure games.

... I, I've also been busy for other than games! (tundere)

I mean adventure games(ADV) not as true adventure, but as something like bisyojo game, of course (^^;

There's many way to express "bisyoujo game" or "cute girls game". In fact, I didn't played bisyojo game, not hentai game, but ADV, and it's gal games.

In short,
Gal games(Gal-Ge): Games with some(many) moe girls. In some cases, it doesn't include Ero games.
Ero games(Ero-ge): Games with Hentai scenes. The most common word to mean games with Moe.
Bisyojo games: Usually means Ero games. Often used in magazines, not orally.
Adventure games(ADV): Games mainly focusing on reading text, originally. However, usually it means Gal games. it doesn't include role playing games or action games.
Hentai games: This word isn't used in Japan.

I meaned, I played a game with moe girls, without hentai scenes.
How can I say about this type of game in English?

Oh, I must add BL(Boys Love) games as another category...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Anime Music Video in Japan

Photo by Risa-Nyanko

Who is interested in "alicia florence with her hair down?" Someone googled this site with this keyword. I'd say, me too (^^;

I'd like talk about anime music video today. Mechataku told me anime music videos are very popular in US and Europe and almost every anime con has that sort of contest. Though I knew there are some show of anime music video by watching the website of anime con in US, I didn't know they are so popular.

In Japan, I think there're nothing like anime music video contest in common anime conventions. However, still they're very popular in Japan. Their stage is not anime conventions, but internet (usually on Youtube or Smilevideo). They are usually called as MAD movie.

I think the reason might be the troublesome process of getting approve of copyright. It is strange that in the case of dojin-book we don't care much about copyright... One of the reason might be the copyright organization of music (JASRAC) is quite powerful. (They "must" come to the organizer of anime con and say, "pay or being suited.")

JASRAC tries to remove unlicenced anime music video from internet too, but the pressure is not so strong at present.

Another reason would be that Japanese anime con is quite different from ones in US or Europe. For example, Comic Market has dojin market and cosplay, but nothing like contest or discussion. (I'd say Comic Market is not an anime convention, just a market) Show of anime music video has no space to join...

I think it is interesting to see anime music video or MAD movie in a large hall. It would be possible to get approved by JASRAC, then the problem is who would host and how to gather videos. Togethermore, I wonder how is the legal situation of anime music video abroad.

Appendix: In Japan, the most popular movie posting site is moving from Youtube to NicoNicoDouga(Smilevideo). In Smilevideo, you can leave your comment on the movie, and this is the source of popularity. It's difficult to explain the fun, but you can try it! (Though it is needed to register in Japanese language, and almost all comment is Japanese language)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Aricia, Snow White

Here comes Ms. Alicia Florence from ARIA!

She is my favorite character from my favorite manga. It's AD2301 in "Neo-Venice" on Mars, She is standing out as one of the best gondola-driver.
In my point of view, this manga is based on the concept of "slow-life" and classified as a healing manga. The atmosphere of this manga makes me forget the hardness of real life and message from a heroine Akari reminds me the beauty of life and nature.

Photo by Raise

Anyway, the most important thing is:
Misuzu would look like Alicia if she make her hair braided ^^;

And at first I thought I should try it: but honestly, it seems that Misuzu's pony tail is just attached. If her poiny tail is untied, her hair would fallen off (;_:)

Though my ambition failed, I'd like to be with her at the event!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

How they love figures

Photo by Koma

I like figures, but since space to place figures in my room is limited, I stringly stops me from buying new one; roughly one figure in 3 months.

However, there is a limit; I must sell my figures sometimes.

The problem is that, often I have affection to the figure when I sell it. It's very hard to sell such a figure...

Thus, I asked on my website how to cope with this feelings. An answer came:

"Figures are my wives! I can't think of selling it!"

He is a true lover of figures! I can't say I am the fan of figures...

It affects how to treat figures, whether you see a figure as "sculpture" or "family," as the answerer mentioned.

The same applies to kigurumi: I once joked that "why don't you sell your mask and buy a new one?" However, I think I can't sell it...

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Is she Sailor-Moon?

Photo by Rokunon

I went to Toshimaen Cosplay Festival last Sunday (^^)

Misuzu has blond hair. And, despite of over 10 years from first broadcast, the most famous character with blond hair is Sailor Moon. Thus they often say "look! there is a sailor moon!" ^^;

If watched in detail, Sailor moon has a so-called "twin-tail", and Misuzu has a single pony tail. Please look me carefully and don't call me Sailor Moon!

However at Toshimaen, a new rival came, Marin. (Misuzu was called Marin)
She is a very famous character from Umi-Monogatari(Marine Story), Pachinko. A girl in the left

She has a pony tail, side hair... just same as Misuzu! Moreover, this pachinko is so famous that there're Umi-Monogatari in almost every pachinko hall, and some of them has 1/1 sized figure of Marin! What a difference in popularity!

The only difference might be, Misuzu has white ribbon. You need to be very careful to call kigurumi's name (lol

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Doll, Doller, Dollest

Photo by Risa-Nyanko

Kigurmi players are sometimes called as "doller." In my feeling, it seems this usage is valid for only in kigurumi community; I think "doller" is usually who has dolls, or human-like toys.

In this two years, it seems more and more Moe-type, or anime-type dolls came on the market. I myself have dolls in this meaning, thus I'd like to review the world of character-doll today.

First, definition. Dolls are different from figure, in the point that has joints, so that you can make the doll to have different pose. And also, you can change the clothes of dolls and this would be the most important feature. The feeling of clothes are never copied by PVC figures!

In addition, Dolls are divided to two category: "Action Figure", which has hard PVC hair, and narrow "Doll", which has soft string hair. But it seems action figure is also called as doll.

Second, size. Roughly, dolles are taller than figure: about 27cm, 60cm, or human-sized. There're few moe dolls of human-sized, thus I'd like to show examples of 27cm and 60cm dolls.
Megahause, Action Figure Collection (27cm, PVC head) '06-
Lunamaria Hawk(Gundam Seed Destiny), Kosaka Tamaki(To Heart 2), Asahina Mikuru(Suzumiya Haruhi)

Azone, Hybrid Active Figure (27cm, String Head) '05-
Saber(Fate/Staynight), Katase Shima(Stellvia, 60cm), Suzumiya Haruhi(Suzumiya Haruhi)
Volks, Dollfie Dream (60cm, String Head) '04-
Asakura Nemu(D.C.), Ayanami Rei(Evangelion), Komaki Manaka(To Heart 2)

Not-Moe-type dolls are also very popular among people especially women, clothes and accessaries are widely made. There're some market of dolls and clothes, like Dolls-Party (it's similar to Comic-Market).

Recently, major figure maker Kotobukiya announced the join to the dolls market. Although perfect mimic of anime character would be difficult in today's level(especially for string-haired one), along with the movement to the more active posed figure, we must keep an eye for dolls!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Light Novel is Expanding in Anime World

Photo by Hayarina

Many animes are based one Manga. This type of anime includes DRAGON BALL, Card Caprtor SAKURA, DEATHNOTE, Doraemon... Nowadays, I think more than half of animes on air are originally started as Manga.

Other source of amines are game and light novel, which are particularly increasing. I'd like to talk about "light novel" today.

Light Novel(juvenile novel) is basically novels for teens. Though the definition is not clear, it can be said they usually have many illustrations in the novel, in some cases by famous dojin illustrators. This may be because the readers are tend to be otaku...But the influence of light novel isn't limited to otaku; Quite frequently some light novel are listed as #1 sales among all novels.

This category is not so new, there have been since 1990 or more past. The early examples of anime introduced from light novel would be Slayers(1995). However, the number of animes seems to be exploded in this three years. Namely, Suzumiya Haruhi, Shakugan no Shana, Full Metal Panic... it would be impossible to show them all.

I'm frequent reader of light novel from my younger times, I grew up with Slayers and Records of Rodoss War. Usually these novels are written by plain text, however some have inpressive expression. My definite recommend is "Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu" or "Iriya's Sky, Summer of the UFOs" by Akiyama Mizuhito. Though his novel also transfered to anime, it seemed to me that the sense of the text was not fully transported. Full translation might be impossible by today's level of anime.

The distinction between light novel and common novel is becoming more vague. Some writers started their career in light novel have got most respected prize in literature (Naoki prize). In the othre case, Otsu-ichi(he's one of my favorite, also light novel writer at first) is now considered as one of the most prominent young mystery writer.

We can't take our eyes from light novel!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

No Moe, No Holidays

Photo by Raise

There have been succeeding holidays (called Golden Week) in Japan. Many people travel abroad or inside Japan, or go to amusement park, special convention, so on.
Trains and airplanes are full and roads are highly congested. Are some 20 miles of congestions common in your country?(I don't know well about other countries...)

I went to my grandparent's house, thus there was no Moe in this Golden Week, handful of anime unwatched are only remaining ^^;

Here's a photo report of Children's day(5/5) in Akihabara. It seems there're plenty of maid, lolita, TV staff, maid, China clothes, police officer, family, Dragon Ball, figure, Kamishibai, Hentai illustration, Oden-can, police officer.
Akihabara goes as usual, because Akihabara may be always in festival (^^)

Monday, April 30, 2007

Photo by Nimble

Today I'd like to report Today's Akihabara.
The photo is here on the web.

As you may know, there're some cosplayers including maid, anime characters and so on, on every weekend... no, everyday.Especially in the weekend, entrance by cars to the main street is prohibited and 100 feet wide road become open for pedestrian. Thus, dozens of maid-san fill the 1500 feet long road and so the cameraman want to take a shot, police officeres trying to break up large crowds ^^;

Also today, maid with "no underware" walked gracefully with her hands down. It is also usual that many cameraman surrounded her and took many photo...

Only the difference was that, the maid was a cute dog .

* "With no underware" or "Pants-haitenai" is one of an attribute(Zokusei) and a point of moe. CO2A(Komatsu Age) is one of the famous illustrator of this category. His paint is my favorite (^^)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Memory of Amarican Animes

Photo by Hayarina

From April, new episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was started. It is the first time on air in Japan since 1993, thus I enjoyed this anime with old memories.

I think the first anime would have produced in US, and animes from US, especially in '50s or '60s, were on air in Japan. I can recall,

Looney Tunes(Bugs Bunny and Road runner)
Tom and Jerry
And also, my friend suggested Peanuts(Snoopy) (I don't remember this anime well, though I really like manga of Peanuts)

Since '80s, there have been few animes from US, probably as much as 1 anime a year. However, there animes constitute a substantially large part of my anime history.

I hope this time's Ninja Turtles is remembered long time as well, and some new interesting animes are imported from all over the world.

Link to Kigurumi websites added

Photo by ZoE

Some links to Kigurumi websites are added. Although you already know some of them (all of them? ^^;)

I divided websites into "English available" and "Japanese." You would have little difficulty to find Kigurumi photo gallery at websites in former category, so why don't you visit?

Link to this blog is welcomed, I'll be glad if you told me about that. Moreover, though I added every website with Kigurumi gallery I found, it's impossible to find ALL. If you kindly introduce me about other site, I can add it.

In addition, I'll be happy to advice how to write on your website English-user-friendly or Japanese-user-friendly.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Cosplay Festival at Palpal

Photo by Koma

I went to Cosplay Festival at Lake Hamanako, called "Cosplay Frontier at Hamanako Palpal." (It would be correct to say Cosplay Festival, rather than Convention, as there are no meeting or talk show other than cosplay contest.)

As the location is between Tokyo and Nagoya, I could meet some kigurumis from Western Japan, who rarely come to Tokyo. And I enjoyed playing in the scenary of water, green, and some European styled street.

The themepark was filled with many cosplayers. If you don't do cosplay, it would be interesting to come. Why don't you? (I can give you some information about cosplay festival.)

PS) I will be glad if you could send me some photo of me...

Friday, April 6, 2007

Baseball, enemy to otaku, has begun!

Photo by Raise

Baseboll game IS NOT enemy. The enemy is BROADCASING of baseball on TV. Enemy to what? The answer is: ANIME.

Spring is the time for new anime to start. I'll check 25 or more animes, this is not the today's topic.

Why baseball on TV is enemy to anime? That's becasue baseball broadcastings usually don't end on time, and a lot of animes are on air midnight, after baseball.

If a baseball game doesn't finish in 3 hours, the TV program will extend 30 minutes or more. then, following program including anime will delay.

As anime is on air midnight, between 0:00AM to 4:00AM, we usually set a recorder to record it, say, set to record 1:00-1:30 program. However, because of the delay by baseball, the obtained video would be the program which should have been on air 0:30-1:00 if on time.

Thus the only I get is TV shopping program selling strange products^^;

All the anime otakus should pay attention to the baseball following 6 months...

PS. I really like baseball itself, thus it is ambivalent.
PS2. I think half of animes is on the midnight, 35 percent on the evening, 15 percent on the morning, in today's Japan.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

My Hotmail Address was Wrong

My hotmail account (MSN messenger account) was not correct. Correct one is (under bar, not hyphen) I'm sorry for who registered me and have had no response. I'm grad if you could contact me again.


Here's pucture of my apology:

If there were a photographer, I could upload "Dogeza" ^^; (Dogeza: Japanese traditional formal style of apology)

Friday, March 30, 2007

Sakura strikes

Photo by Miyabi

Here comes the season of sakura (cherry blossoms). When first sakura blooming comes is national interest, and many agencies predict when. This year national agency made error in forecasting program, thus widely criticised. First sakura blooming was reported on first page of every national newspaper. Sakura is the symbol of spring, and without sakura, I could say it is not spring, in Japan.

This is local Hanami(sakura viewing) spot in Bunkyo, Tokyo. Freshman in many companies are keeping their place for hanami, without working... no, this IS their work. When it gets darker, many people would come and start party(alcohol is almost necessary), watching surrounding sakura. Here many food stand come, and it's like real festival!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sacred Kizakiko

Photo by Nimble, with Shie

I went to Kizakiko last Sunday, and this photo is taken then.

Kizakiko is famous as the stage of anime, Onegai(Please!) series. Impressed by beautiful background pictures used in this anime, many otakus are keep going there (and some otakus are going there even periodically, as much as once in a month! Kizakiko is not near Tokyo: it takes about 4 hours from Tokyo!)

They call this type of visiting the stage of animes, a pilgrimage(Junrei) and the stage is called as sacred place(Seichi). Though in Please! case it is clearly shown that the stage is Kizakiko, usually it is not mentioned. Then, when new animations are broadcasted (or new Moe-games are on sale), some people try to reveal where the stage is. (Some background picture is based on photography, and this is how sacred place is generated.)

You can see sacred place of Haruhi, Kanon, Higurashi, and many animes on the internet.

We Japanese tend to call some special place as "sacred place" easily. For Otaku, Tokyo Big-Sight is also considered as sacred place as Comiket is held there.

But anyway, if it were not sacred place, Kizakiko was calm, blue, surrounded by mountains, beautiful place. You would like it if you don't know Onegai series.

PS Lake "Kizakiko" is the correct name, not "kisakiko." (already corrected) Thanks to Nimble for suggestion.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kigurumi or Kigurumi?

Photo by miyabi, with Suimu

I had a hungover yesterday (TT)
First Sakura blooming in this year is reported. I'd like to take some photo and upload ^^

Today's topic is "Kigurumi" other than mine. The word kigurumi means in three different way. Who comes to this blog would think of anime-charactered kigurumi, but the most common meaning is the clothes looks like animals, covers from the head to the foot.

This type of kigurumi is so widely known that we can buy them in a large discount store like "Don-Quixote." Some years ago, it had became a trend for teenagers to walk in Shibuya in kigurumi ^^;

The other type of Kigurumi is machine-kigurumi, literally. Usually it is mobile-suit of Gundam. community is smaller than Anime-type kigurumi, so I can see them only at large convention like WF.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Where they do cosplay

I couldn't wear this dress neatly at this time, I feel I have to try again ^^;

Today, I'd like to talk about cosplay events. There are two or more cosplay events in Tokyo every weekend. Some in a large hall, some in a green park or amusement park, some has dance party, some has dojin market, etcetc...

For kigurumis, there're some event, where many kigurumis would come together. Around Tokyo, Toshimaen and Yomiuri-Land are especially famous. (each are held about once in a month)

In addition, in Nagoya and Osaka, there are some events (Tokyo to Nagoya: 200mi, Tokyo to Osaka: 350mi) The point is, some events in these areas are suitable for cosplay and photo-taking (such as European styled, full of flower, or so on) so that it's worth visiting from Tokyo.

However, if there're 75mi-limited toll-free highway, we can join more easily from Tokyo, but it costs somewhat $60 to drive 200mi in one-way via highway. (Also you can choose to run 200mi in 6-7 hours in normal road ^^;) Thus I wonder which event I will join next watching my purse ^^

Monday, March 5, 2007

Camera or Technic?

Photo by Pad, costume from Nanoka Franka, Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea

It's 10th post!
Personally congratulating this post, I upload this photo.

At first I saw this photo, I surprised how vivid she is! Her existence is as impressive as real, she almost happens to jump from the display...

I know the photographer is much skilled and has valuable and powerful camera. I think both of the quality produced photo, and it's probably true.

I myself take some photo, so this photo made me realized improving technic would widen the world of photography, and I hope so.

... without saying, I fell happy if you could give me some photo of her, whichever the camera would be, because the photo would reflect the mind of photographer and looking into it is my pleasure!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

I went to WF,

but there was no time for Misuzu to be on the stage ;_;

photo by Miyabi, not relevant to this WF

Though there was awfully insufficient time, I enjoyed WF much, to see figures, dolls and cosplayers.
Among all, I think this figure has the best quality. I'd like to show my photo,

Amamiya Manabi, from School-Eutopia, Manabi Straight!

This figure is going to be manufactured in a industrial scale. What a country! What an otaku culture! ^^;

For who would like to feel the atmosphere of WF, I'll recommend some website:
alternative live for kigurumis at WF

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Largest Kigurmi Festival next Sunday


Next Sunday, there's a market of gallage kits called "Wonder-Festival(WF)" at Tokyo Big-sight(the same place as Comic-Market). Although this festa is for figures, many cosplayers come here.

Especially for kigurumi, this is eventually the largest event. Many kigurumis come together at Ariake, Tokyo, and it is said to reach up to 50 or more kigurumis.
Therefore, you can see many photos of kigurumis in several sites in the next week. (May I list some?)

As for me, yes, I'd like to join..., but I have a test on the same day. I'm supposed to run around Tokyo in order to join the both. Although I'm sure I'll be present at WF, it's not certain there will be Misuzu or not.

I hope to play with other kigs, but time is limited and looking around complete PVC figures (not gallage kit, already assembled and colored) soon on sale is also my pleasure ^^

Friday, February 9, 2007

I'm not ready to write article...

I caught a cold twice in this two weeks, and I don't feel well today ... (T_T) <- face mark often used in Japan, of weeping face

I hope you would visit here again, and I can upload some photos and articles soon...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Is this the notorious Norovirus?

Photo by Raise, Costume from ARIA company, ARIA(Amano Kozue)

There has been large epidemic all over Japan. This virus affects stomach severely, and I was the victim too. I have been in bed for about a week without any food (;_;)

Please take care of yourself!

Monday, January 22, 2007

strongest soldier Golgo

photo by lion-milly

Recently I joined MySpace and saw a topic about favorite manga and anime. I was surprised the very latest anime is recognized at US: thanks to YouTube??

However, I wondered why almost no one refer to something like Gekiga style manga, such as "Golgo 13" or "the Silent Service." Both are very famous hard-boiled manga, and especially former would be recognized by middle-age or even elderly people. Don't you know? (or just I don't know there're many fans worldwide?)

While it is true the mainstream of manga is somewhat Moe styled, I'd like to say there's also a hard-boiled mangas produced, at this time, and some are popular in youngers, like "Akagi".

Friday, January 19, 2007

Miko, Japanese traditional costume

This is "MIKO" costume, shrine maiden for Japanese common "Shin-To" religion.White robe and red-orange skirt(called HAKAMA) are characterictic of Miko style.

When we think about Moe costume, Maid will come first position with no doubt. I think Miko would come second. (Third position might be Christian sister?) You can see a lot of characters wearing Miko costume on many Dojin.

However, on my point of view, Miko should have black hair. Should I... ? (^^;

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I love Lacus X Kagari (^^)

Photo by Yoshii
This is Lacus Clyne from Gundam-Seed(2002-2005)

Gundam-Seed is one of the most popular anime among cosplayers. You would see dozens of Kira Yamato(hero) in one cosplay-event.

Because the large number of cosplayers are women, many cosplays comes from more "Yaoi-philic" anime, such as Bleach, D-Gray man, Full metal alchemist, Prince of tennis, and so on. Gundam Seed is also a target of Yaoi, and I heard there's a "war" between who consider Kira as Seme and Asuran as Uke, and vice versa :-) (Besides, I think Asuran is absolutely Uke :P)

It's more than one year since Gundam Seed has finished, therefore it seems the number of Gundam-Seed cosplayers are on the decrease. On the other hand, latest anime, Code-Gias, seems to be on the burst. Do you know this anime? (Probably yes. I was surprised to see worldwide the cosplay of latest anime, such as Ouran-hostclub.)

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Brighter than dawning CABBAGE

Photo by Tohtetsu

This is a Cabbage. Who can deny it?

This cure and cool "Cabbage" is originally from the anime, "brighter than dawning blue" or "Yoakemaeyori-Ruriirona". There was this "cabbage" in this animation.
Here's a blog introducing this anime.
It is imporant that, this amine is ACTUALLY broadcasted on TV.

You can see what a huge impact ran through otaku community :)
(Unfortunately, this scene was modified in DVD edition.)

Does This anime show the quality of Japanese anime? Well, I can't deny there's a few. But most of animes has great quality. Thus I'm now browsing animes starting from this January, to find great one.

Sunday, January 7, 2007


Hello, and welcome to seraphic steps, blog side!

Here I'd like to show some kigurumi pics and life in Japan. Actually, I don't know how this side turns to be :)

Anyway, here's some pictures of my kig, Misuzu:
(Photo by Takuya)