Sunday, May 6, 2007

No Moe, No Holidays

Photo by Raise

There have been succeeding holidays (called Golden Week) in Japan. Many people travel abroad or inside Japan, or go to amusement park, special convention, so on.
Trains and airplanes are full and roads are highly congested. Are some 20 miles of congestions common in your country?(I don't know well about other countries...)

I went to my grandparent's house, thus there was no Moe in this Golden Week, handful of anime unwatched are only remaining ^^;

Here's a photo report of Children's day(5/5) in Akihabara. It seems there're plenty of maid, lolita, TV staff, maid, China clothes, police officer, family, Dragon Ball, figure, Kamishibai, Hentai illustration, Oden-can, police officer.
Akihabara goes as usual, because Akihabara may be always in festival (^^)


Mechataku said...

congestion over here really depends on where you are. i live in a suburban/rural area, so to the roads rarely ever get congested. but in Kansas City about an hour north of me, the roads become congested daily around 6-8 in the morning and 4-6 in the afternoon (everyone heading to work and heading home from work).

what are the holidays that make up golden week? what is each one about?

Silphy & Misuzu said...

Golden Week is consist of:
4/29 Showa day
5/3 Constition Memorial Day
5/4 Green day
5/5 Children's day

Including Saturdays, Sundays, and other vacations, There're up to 8-9 succeeding holidays. As taking special vacations is difficult in Japan(Even if it is legally authorized one), Golden week is one of the biggest holidays, like New Year and Obon(Summer Holidays).

Situations of Weekday's congestion in Tokyo seems to be like Kansas City. However, that of holidays is more severe than weekdays...