Thursday, May 31, 2007

Is she Sailor-Moon?

Photo by Rokunon

I went to Toshimaen Cosplay Festival last Sunday (^^)

Misuzu has blond hair. And, despite of over 10 years from first broadcast, the most famous character with blond hair is Sailor Moon. Thus they often say "look! there is a sailor moon!" ^^;

If watched in detail, Sailor moon has a so-called "twin-tail", and Misuzu has a single pony tail. Please look me carefully and don't call me Sailor Moon!

However at Toshimaen, a new rival came, Marin. (Misuzu was called Marin)
She is a very famous character from Umi-Monogatari(Marine Story), Pachinko. A girl in the left

She has a pony tail, side hair... just same as Misuzu! Moreover, this pachinko is so famous that there're Umi-Monogatari in almost every pachinko hall, and some of them has 1/1 sized figure of Marin! What a difference in popularity!

The only difference might be, Misuzu has white ribbon. You need to be very careful to call kigurumi's name (lol


Anonymous said...

She's Misuzu Kamio from Air Tv's Air-The-Motion-Picture. Where she's dressed in a blue yukata with dinosaur print.

meg said...

I love the dress in this one.