Friday, October 12, 2007

GURU-CON: concept

with Chiffon,
photo by Rokunon

I wanted to report the last Kigurumi-Only-Event "GURU-CON 1st," however, there have been few blogs reporting the convention and I have just few photos. Thus, today I'd like to show the concept of GURU-CON, translated by myself:

Introduction to GURU-CON: Concept

We aim at producing the space, which EVERY kigurumi-lovers and ONLY kigurumi-lovers could come. In the cosplay conventions in amusement park, we must pay much attention to surroinding circumstances, and should be supported by people without masks, as there are many people including who are not familiar with kigurumi, and children. On the other hand, we could hardly join in off-line meeting held privately, if we don't know well each other.

GURU-CON offers the chance to be absorbed in playing kigurumi, by arranging it OPEN everybody-can-join event in Tokyo(where people are easy to go). Our concept is to create "open but closed space."

GURU-CON has moderately large space, thus kigurumis won't need any support. It would make it easyer to join in, even for who play kigurumi in the first time in front of the audience . In addition, photographers can take photos and videos without regulations. Furthermore, people would play with kigurumis without annoyed by other people's sights (since everyone in the hall is kigurumi-lovers!)

We hope to provide,For kigurumis, the DELIGHT to gather attention.For photographers, the ENJOYMENT to be absorbed in.For other people, the HAPPINESS surround by kigurumis.

Written by GURU-CON executive committee
Translated by TOMOE-project/SeraphicSteps/Silphy

By the way, I went to listen to a handbell concert held at a Christian university(Rikkyo Univ, St. Paul's) today. What a confortable sound it was! In the same way some people outside Japan are attracted to Japanese traditional music, I think...

I like Japanese traditional music, but when I hear the sound of Ohayashi(Music of Festival), I would think "Oh, the season of Omatsuri(Festival) comes! Excited!" than "What a good music!"

In the radio English program, the foreign lecturer said he likes Noh(Briefly, Japanese musical), but for me it's far difficult to understand... Foreign people would see our tradition in other way than ours, I think. (On the other hand, I like the Japanese puppet show, Bunraku.)

PS. Natsuki-san updated the link page, and this post has the aim to test the new system :P)


Danny said...

That is great, I hope I can come to GURU-CON next year when I'm in Japan. Lets hope I get time off from work.

Simon (Grace) said...

I heard that this event - and your costume - were amazing! I'm going to go search for more pictures!

Silphy & Misuzu said...

That would be great! One Austrarian also came this time.

Thak you. I also want to link to websites reporting this event, but I hardly spare time to do...

Ecoht Productions said...

Hey, that´s a great concept and i dream with go to Japan one day to this event and take photos, thanks for the information,greetings for Mexico City and sorry for the bad english...

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