Friday, September 7, 2007

Our Summer(C72) has gone...

Photo by Saya-mikan

I enjoyed this summer, along with Comic-Market.72th Comic-Market(C72) was held for 3 days. In 20 acres of hall, about 12,000 creaters open their booth to sell their dojin goods. As for some famous dojin circles, the number of books are so limited that many people wait outside from 5AM until the opening, 10AM.

If you go to Tokyo-Bigsight(hall of C72) just in time of opening, there would be long long waiting lane, and it is said you must wait about 1 hours just to enter the hall. That's why I went late afternoon. Although some booth had been closed, I enjoyed the atmosphere of C72. This is the summer for Otaku!

It was very hot in Tokyo that day, the temperature rise to 36C. Along with the heavy crowded people, some 100 people fell off by severe heat. They are brought to care unit by volunteers, and volunteer licenced doctors and nurses took care of them. Yes, C72 is maintained by 2000 volunteers and no paid workers(except for guards). I think this is the wonder of Comiket.

Until tomorrow, the lance of longinus, created inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion, are shown at Ebisu, Tokyo. I'd like to see it!


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