Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kigurumi or Kigurumi?

Photo by miyabi, with Suimu

I had a hungover yesterday (TT)
First Sakura blooming in this year is reported. I'd like to take some photo and upload ^^

Today's topic is "Kigurumi" other than mine. The word kigurumi means in three different way. Who comes to this blog would think of anime-charactered kigurumi, but the most common meaning is the clothes looks like animals, covers from the head to the foot.

This type of kigurumi is so widely known that we can buy them in a large discount store like "Don-Quixote." Some years ago, it had became a trend for teenagers to walk in Shibuya in kigurumi ^^;

The other type of Kigurumi is machine-kigurumi, literally. Usually it is mobile-suit of Gundam. community is smaller than Anime-type kigurumi, so I can see them only at large convention like WF.


Anonymous said...

Just cosplay, I'd say.

Silphy & Misuzu said...

Yes, if that guy think it's cosplay, that must be cosplay, and vice versa. I'd say this is the truth when talking about the relation of Gothic-Lolita, cosplay, and fashion.