Saturday, January 13, 2007

I love Lacus X Kagari (^^)

Photo by Yoshii
This is Lacus Clyne from Gundam-Seed(2002-2005)

Gundam-Seed is one of the most popular anime among cosplayers. You would see dozens of Kira Yamato(hero) in one cosplay-event.

Because the large number of cosplayers are women, many cosplays comes from more "Yaoi-philic" anime, such as Bleach, D-Gray man, Full metal alchemist, Prince of tennis, and so on. Gundam Seed is also a target of Yaoi, and I heard there's a "war" between who consider Kira as Seme and Asuran as Uke, and vice versa :-) (Besides, I think Asuran is absolutely Uke :P)

It's more than one year since Gundam Seed has finished, therefore it seems the number of Gundam-Seed cosplayers are on the decrease. On the other hand, latest anime, Code-Gias, seems to be on the burst. Do you know this anime? (Probably yes. I was surprised to see worldwide the cosplay of latest anime, such as Ouran-hostclub.)


Anonymous said...

psst Lacus has Pink hair not blonde

Batterie said...

Haha, I'm wearing my Death Note shirt right now!
It's an L one, he's my favorite!