Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Brighter than dawning CABBAGE

Photo by Tohtetsu

This is a Cabbage. Who can deny it?

This cure and cool "Cabbage" is originally from the anime, "brighter than dawning blue" or "Yoakemaeyori-Ruriirona". There was this "cabbage" in this animation.
Here's a blog introducing this anime. http://gilcrows.blog17.fc2.com/blog-entry-879.html
It is imporant that, this amine is ACTUALLY broadcasted on TV.

You can see what a huge impact ran through otaku community :)
(Unfortunately, this scene was modified in DVD edition.)

Does This anime show the quality of Japanese anime? Well, I can't deny there's a few. But most of animes has great quality. Thus I'm now browsing animes starting from this January, to find great one.


VanMan said...

Nice to see a new blog about Japanese stuff. Ever thought about including the zentai culture, too?

Silphy said...

Welcome to my blog. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with zentai culture, therefore I can't talk about.
All the more, I like complex costume rather than simple as suimsuit (sukumizu) or even naked kigs :-P

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