Friday, June 15, 2007

Aricia, Snow White

Here comes Ms. Alicia Florence from ARIA!

She is my favorite character from my favorite manga. It's AD2301 in "Neo-Venice" on Mars, She is standing out as one of the best gondola-driver.
In my point of view, this manga is based on the concept of "slow-life" and classified as a healing manga. The atmosphere of this manga makes me forget the hardness of real life and message from a heroine Akari reminds me the beauty of life and nature.

Photo by Raise

Anyway, the most important thing is:
Misuzu would look like Alicia if she make her hair braided ^^;

And at first I thought I should try it: but honestly, it seems that Misuzu's pony tail is just attached. If her poiny tail is untied, her hair would fallen off (;_:)

Though my ambition failed, I'd like to be with her at the event!


mechataku said...

ARIA is a series that always caught my attention, but it's one of those series that unless someone i know owns the anime or the manga, i would never investigate the manga or anime on my own.

what are some other series you would classify as "healing" manga?

i think the beauty of kigurumi is the "cross-over" cosplay that can be done (ie one character cosplaying as a character from a different anime). and the similarity between misuzu and alicia is so close, that i don't think anyone would notice (then again, im thinking of american otakus and anime lovers...if some of those otaku portrayal animes are accurate....japanese otaku tend to be a little more serious....and after watching some videos of japanese cons, some of the cons worry not very comfortable in even slightly large crowds...)

mechataku said...

something just piqued my curiousity.

over here in the west (i say that because it encompases more than just america) "anime music videos" are extremely popular(almost every con has some sort of AMV contest. AMVs are made by synchronizing scenes of one or more animes to a chosen song), but yet, i see very few, if any, japanese made videos. are AMVs popular in japan?

relating to that, another question comes to mind: has anyone ever had the idea to do a kigurumi version of such a thing(kigurumi music video)? im sure something like that would be very popular in the west, but the number of kigurumi actors is too few with too much distance between everyone for it to be possible

Silphy & Misuzu said...

It's difficult to explain...
"Healing" is now so popular in Japan that there're any sorts of healing, such as spa, restaurant, TV show, personality, sightseeing, etcetc. I think that their common features is something slow, calm, old, making us forget the hardness of life. Healing manga could be understood in this way.

I love crossover cosplay and actually I did it often. It would be very nice if Alicia wears the schoolware of AIR and Misuzu wears costume of ARIA.

By the way, it is very croweded in large anime con like comic market, however, there're many con not so crowded, especially in the afternoon.
It is true Japanese ourselves worry about crowds not so much(like in train or eleveter), I should admit...

I'd like to talk about anime video tomorrow in diary.