Friday, April 6, 2007

Baseball, enemy to otaku, has begun!

Photo by Raise

Baseboll game IS NOT enemy. The enemy is BROADCASING of baseball on TV. Enemy to what? The answer is: ANIME.

Spring is the time for new anime to start. I'll check 25 or more animes, this is not the today's topic.

Why baseball on TV is enemy to anime? That's becasue baseball broadcastings usually don't end on time, and a lot of animes are on air midnight, after baseball.

If a baseball game doesn't finish in 3 hours, the TV program will extend 30 minutes or more. then, following program including anime will delay.

As anime is on air midnight, between 0:00AM to 4:00AM, we usually set a recorder to record it, say, set to record 1:00-1:30 program. However, because of the delay by baseball, the obtained video would be the program which should have been on air 0:30-1:00 if on time.

Thus the only I get is TV shopping program selling strange products^^;

All the anime otakus should pay attention to the baseball following 6 months...

PS. I really like baseball itself, thus it is ambivalent.
PS2. I think half of animes is on the midnight, 35 percent on the evening, 15 percent on the morning, in today's Japan.


mechataku said...

yea, sports not ending on time can be a pain when you want to watch a program that airs after it....luckly in america we have separate channels exclusively for sports, so it usually doesn't interfere with things like anime (or any other shows out there, like comedies, but i guess it doesn't really matter anyways, since those shows are usually shown in the afternoon/evening time, so they don't need to be recorded to watch them. plus most shows have multiple showings, and sometimes the show will air on more than one channel, in case someone misses the episode. i've heard in japan they usually don't rerun episodes or series.)

i myself have never really been into sports, but recently my girlfriend got me interested in an obscure sport known as "dagorhir", and, for someone like me, it is quite enjoyable. it's also a great way to get exercise and train the body. last time i went, i came back with my entire body hurting, but with a sense of feeling good, like the pain was well deserved and well worth it.

Silphy & Misuzu said...

dagorhir seems very exciting! I nexer heard of this sort of simulation game of medieval war! (There are survival games or airsoft games, simulation of modern war: though I have not joined)

I have been enjoying aerobics and hip-hop dance recently. Moving my body with the music is a fun, and also would be good for my health, and my weight(IMPORTANT as kigurumi ^^;)

mechataku said...

im sure if you wanted to, and you knew some other people who were interested in something like dagorhir, you could even create your own dagorhir realm in japan. this link talks about how you can create your own realm, or "chapter"